10 Moves, 30 Minutes: The Ultimate Thigh Workout


Abs have crunches. Arms have curls. Butts have squats. Thighs have…what? A whole lot of resentment, that’s what. Fortunately, there are plenty of thigh exercises out there to help you achieve stronger, sculpted legs. Holly Perkins, CSCS, author of Lift to Get Lean, designed the ultimate thigh workout to help you strengthen and define every inch of your lower half so no muscle goes untouched. While some of the exercises use your bodyweight for resistance, as you get stronger and develop more muscles, it’s important to add resistance.

“Muscles become larger when you add more and more resistance. But when you only do bodyweight exercises, you eliminate the progressive resistance because your body weight always stays (roughly) the same,” Perkins says.

Ready to power up those thighs? Here’s the workout: Perform two sets of 10 to 12 reps for each exercise, resting 1 minute in between sets. When using weights, aim for a load that will require you to struggle to finish the last two reps of each set.

1Leg Press

Leg press exercise.

Take a seat in the leg-press machine. Place your feet hip-width apart in the middle of the footplate. Press the weight, release the support bar, and lower the footplate until your legs are bent at 90 degrees. Push with your heels as you press the plate back to the starting position. This is one rep.



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