15 Washed-up Actors Who Were Once Tipped For Greatness


Famous actors don’t always have it easy- just ask Taylor Lautner, the Twilight hunk once destined for superstardom. Or the obnoxious British actor Alex Pettyfer, who made a name for himself in Magic Mike and then quickly pissed off half of Hollywood.

While they may have already made sizeable fortunes, they could have achieved a whole lot more had their careers panned out the way they expected, and after going through our list, you’ll soon realize that for every Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, there are countless Shailene Woodley and Taylor Lautner’s lurking in Hollywood jail, pleading for another chance.

Here are 15 sorry examples.

1Mischa Barton

After her breakout role on The O.C. following a successful career as a child actress, Entertainment Weekly piled on the pressured and named Mischa Barton the “It Girl” of 2003. Of course, Barton’s career was soon jinxed, and instead of becoming the next Jenifer Aniston, a host of personal problems came her way.

Today, Barton’s career as an actress is all-but-finished, with the star making the tabloids for her personal and legal issues as opposed to any upcoming roles.



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