20 Cat Breeds That Are Incredibly Unusual!


    Nearly everyone will agree that cats are ridiculously cute and can take away all our worries and pains with just one squidgy hug, but some breeds possess a unique look that doesn’t always fit the mold of a traditional housecat.

    Still, whether you’re an ardent dog lover, a zealous cat enthusiast or a hater of both, chances are you’ll be bowled over by the unusual, yet incredibly striking looks of these 20 cat breeds.

    Here are 20 of the most unusual cat breeds in the world.

    2British Shorthair Cat

    British Shorthair Cats are shall we say….rounder than most. But in the cat world, fat often translates into one thing: cuteness.

    Because of its photogenic qualities and friendly nature, the British Shorthair- which is the pedigreed version of the domestic cat-  is frequently used in the media, and was also the influence of John Tenniel’s illustration of the Cheshire Cat in Alice and Wonderland.


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