31 Ways Of Getting Rid Of White Hair At Young Age


Do you see some of those little white strands of your hair sticking out when you are just 18? Does that bother you, as it could be visible? It is definitely surprising to see that people as young as you are having white hair. However, there is no need to worry, as there are 31 ways to get rid of that ‘teenage’ white hair. Scroll down to see some magic ingredients!

1Heat Protection

Heat is one main cause of hair damage and the emergence of white hair. It can cause your scalp to run dry, and as a result of this, the hair follicles begin to grow fragile and age quicker. Due to this reason white hair erupts. A solution from this is to protect your hair from heat. Use hats/caps when you are out in the sun. Avoid hot water head bath, and try not to go anywhere close to blow dryers and straighteners. If the heat has already damaged your hair, apply cooling agents that could restore your hair health such as Aloe Vera, curd etc. these agents bring your pH levels back to normal, and white hair follicles wither off. It also promotes hair growth.



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