50 Mind-Blowing Short Hairstyles for Fine hair


Hair can be of many different types and to have thin hair is not a curse. Thin hair can also be very appealing if it is handled properly. After seeing this article, you will be able to see how many different hairstyles can be used for thin hair. There are numerous short hairstyles and haircuts you can use for thin hair. It’s easy to be feminine, stylish and playful with fine hair, the styles are endless. You can use any one of them.

Haircuts suitable for thin hair

The trick is to not thin out the tips in order to keep the hair density while the rest of it can be done in straight cuts. The layering of the hair is also a good approach to take. It not only adds volume but also adds to your hair’s vibrancy and management. A good short haircut to keep is a bob or a pixie cut or even a boy cut as it enhances the round silhouette that is ideal for fine hair. A fringe cut will work with any of these cuts.

Styling short fine hair.

The first step for styling fine hair is blow drying the hair roots and making sure that it settles where we want it to. This is because the way you blow dry it, there it will take shape. Dry your hair in the direction you want it and finish drying the tips with a hairbrush, curling iron or straightener.
There are several styling products for thin hair that mostly has a light hold as the higher degree of fixation will weigh the fine hair down.

Care tips for thin hair

Thin hair requires special shampoos, conditioners, and masks. Multiple brands showcase a series of products meant to increase hair volume. This makes the hair appear thicker and less prone to breakage so that it appears to have more volume and thickness.
Here are some of the different and unique haircuts that can be used for thin hair.


You may remember the words “bowl cut” from your childhood history of haircuts and may not be as psyched to get it again but this type of haircut seems to have made a comeback with many big celebrities looking chic and rocking this look. The incredibly boyish looking cut but multiple shaggy layers on top with a buzz cut at the bottom, just above the ear. When straightened or left slightly tousled, the hair looks amazing and on-trend.

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