6 Women Who Inspired Us in 2018


With all the highs and lows of 2018, one thing that prevailed was the might of women around the world. Throughout the year, we saw, time and again, women standing up for themselves and what they believe in. While it was hard to scale down this list to just a few individuals, here are 6 courageous women who inspired us to keep fighting for progress. With a different woman-in-arms to motivate us for each day of the week, take a few minutes daily to revisit this article as a reminder of why the future is most definitely female.

2Serena Williams

Challenging the status quo in professional sports since we can remember, 2018 was no exception for Serena Williams. Last year, Williams made waves in the media after being harshly criticised and penalized for an outfit worn during a match. Williams was anything but quiet about her disapproval of the criticism, which subsequently launched massive online outrage at the overall hypocrisy and sexism that run rampant throughout professional sports.


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