8 Things You did not Know about Breast Cancer


    Breast Cancer is a type of cancer that occurs when the cells in your breast happen to grow uncontrollably. The cells usually form a tumor that is felt as a lump and detected on an X-ray. This tumor is malignant and as they grow, they are also likely to invade the alternate tissues and spread to almost every other part of your body. Although breast cancer is primarily observed in women, men too can be diagnosed with this ailment. Cells from almost any part of the body can become carcinogenic after which they can spread to your breasts and breast tissues. Although breast cancer is usually identified by lumps, other relevant symptoms are thickened breast tissues, swollen breasts, rash around your nipples and headaches. In the following section, we will give you a detailed insight on some facts that you did not know about breast cancer.

    2Spreads from various parts of your breast

    Usually, breast cancer happens to start from different parts of your breast. Most of these cancers usually begin in the ducts that are used for carrying milk to your nipples. Some others might also start from the glands that are likely to make breast milk. Certain types of breast cancers, known as sarcomas and lymphomas are also observed in women. However, these tumors are not really common and often not considered to be breast cancer.


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