If Your Partner Lets You Down In These 9 Small Ways, They May Not Love You The Way You Deserve


At one point or another, you and your partner are going to let each other down. And it’s not going to be the end of the world. You can’t expect to be perfect 24/7, so don’t panic if you forget to answer a text, occasionally tune the other out, or fail to be supportive. Do, however, think twice about the health of your relationship if your partner consistently lets you down  even if it’s just in a myriad of small ways — as it may be a sign they’re not giving you what you deserve.

A healthy relationship is built on respect, trust, stability, and support. If you notice that your partner lets you down in one of these areas, time and time again, you definitely need to have a heart-to-heart. “If you have a few red flags in your relationship […] share your thoughts and feelings in an effort to try to make your relationship healthier,” Davida Rappaport, a psychic and spiritual counselor, tells Bustle. “If your partner does not want to [listen or change], the red flags you saw can indicate that your partner may not love you the way you need to be loved, or respect your wishes and support you in a manner that helps your relationship grow.”

It’s OK to mess up. What matters is you try to listen to each other, fix the mistakes, and do better the next time around. So if your partner keeps making mistakes, and always lets you down, it may be a sign they aren’t giving you all that you need and deserve, according to experts.

2They Exclude You From Their Friend Group

Similarly, consider the presence you have in your partner’s friend group. Do they make an effort to include you and invite you to certain events? Or do they seem to go out of their way to leave you behind?

“While couples don’t need to have the exact same friends, if you’re constantly excluded from spending time with your partner’s friends, it’s a red flag,” Bennett says. “You have to ask why your partner doesn’t want you around.”

There are so many possible explanations here — many of which are perfectly benign — so don’t jump to conclusions or assume the worst. But one message it can send is that your partner isn’t willing to welcome you into their life, and that’s not going to make for a very healthy relationship going forward.


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