Kombucha Tea: 9 Shocking Health Benefits Of This ‘Weird’ Beverage


The famous proverb “old is gold” holds true for liquor and leather. At least that’s what I thought – until I read about a beverage called kombucha tea. And now, I’m convinced that this proverb applies to teas as well!

Let’s put it this way. Will you believe me if I said that a bunch of microorganisms convert an old, stale tea into a health drink that has incredible benefits for you?

Crazy, but true! This is how kombucha tea is made. Read on to find out more about the weirdly healthy kombucha tea.

1Has Hepatoprotective Properties

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The liver is the ‘downtown’ of your body where all the action happens.

Fatty acids and lipids are broken down in your liver, and so are the drugs – which is why the liver is one of those organs that suffer the highest damage and need a lot of care.

Bacterial species like Acetobacter, along with the yeasts, in kombucha tea have shown exceptional hepatoprotective properties.

These bacteria convert acetic acid to glucuronic acid, which is a potent antioxidant.

Also, the green and black tea leaves have flavonoids like theaflavins, thearubigins, and their derivatives, which assist glucuronic acid in scavenging free radicals and toxic intermediates that trigger tissue damage.

Kombucha tea also inhibits linolenic acid and lipid peroxidation that leads to hepatotoxicity and chronic inflammation



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