The 10 Best Personalized Gifts You Didn’t Know You Could Find at


What is it about seeing your name emblazoned across your favorite items that make them just a little bit more special? Seriously, though. A bag is just a bag until you get it monogrammed. Then, it’s your bag. And this concept also applies to find the best-personalized gifts. Giving someone a coffee mug for their birthday is nice, but a cute personalized coffee mug? A thousand times better.

Personalizing things just seems so much more, well, personal. The minute I saw a custom nameplate necklace I knew I wanted one. What else could be a more trademark accessory than something bearing your very name? And for under $40, you can get one at Trust me, finding the perfect gift that you can personalize at for yourself (hey, self-gifting is a thing!) or for someone else makes the whole process so easy. Read on to find some of the best — and most surprising! — things you can get personalized at

2Make A Style Statement With Personalized Gold Hoop Earrings

Gold hoop earrings are such a staple. Why not take them to another level and have them personalized? You can be sure you won’t run into anyone wearing the same pair.


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