The Beard of Your Dreams: How to Grow and Maintain It


This one is for the men out there. Remember your teenage years? When all you wanted to do was to grow beard to signify that you have indeed become a man. Man, not a boy. Then there is the fact about being wise. The grey, long beard is often used as a display of your wisdom. A beard is something that every man wants at some point of his life. It can be for fashion or a change or as we said a display of masculinity. Though, it is not in everyone’s fate to have a healthy, thick beard. There can be many reasons behind this, some being genetics, hormonal changes, ethnicity, medicinal effects, health issues and nutrition.

Genetics and ethnicity is out of hands but there are ways and remedies through which one can grow a thick, long and healthy beard.  Here, we bring you some ways to grow the beard of your dreams. Though, you must remember that it takes time and effort and you must have the strength to resist the urge to scratch!


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Yes it is necessary to trim the hair but you must remember that once you have the basic stubble, it requires dedication and patience. You need to let it grow for about 4-6 weeks and only then try to trim or shape your beard. Another thing you need to remember is to trim it only when it is at least 1.5 inches long. The thing about this is that once your hair is long enough, you can choose the style you want from a variety of styles. This can be difficult if you try to shape your beard when it is short.

Now that you have chosen your style, you need trim your beard occasionally for it to be healthy and look good. You can do it yourself or take professional help. Trimming occasionally will make the beard even and well maintained.



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